Christmas at Regional Health

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The holidays are a time spent with family, but some people have to work on Christmas Day.

"I've been in healthcare for so many years that being away from them on the day has become a normal,” said Angie Bohling, Manager of Surgical Services at Regional Health.

Being away from family and working can be difficult, but the Surgical Department at Regional Health have become like a family.

"Here in surgery we kind of act as one big family. We spend a lot of time together, we put up a Christmas Tree like you would at home. We do cookie exchanges, have a Christmas potluck,” said Bohling.

"We'll bring in movies or games and we'll help out each other that is actually working on surgeries. And we'll kind of hang out and do dinner cause the hospital provides us a free dinner. Just have a good time with each other and help out our patients,” said Jennifer Bunge, Surgical Technician.

Working with their patients is more important than missing out on family time.

"It's a great feeling. I've always like helping out people and knowing that I can spend time with family at a different time and helping out a patients who can't spend time with their family is more important to me,” said Bunge.

But, this year the department is bringing Holiday cheer outside the hospital walls.

"We also this year have picked out a family within the community that we are going to buy presents for and supply a Christmas for them at their home,” said Bohling.

They went shopping together and bought gifts for the children to make a memorable Christmas for them.

"We want it to be what's best for the family and what's most comfortable, more normal for them. There are some people from surgery here that will delivery it. Present it to them and they can spend it, the Christmas how they would like to spend it,” said Bohling.

They found the family by asking a local organization if they knew a family that was in need.

"So, this is something that they are really excited that they could give back to the community that we serve everyday here,” said Bohling.