Chip sealing project in the works for West Boulevard

Crews to lay down new asphalt service on West Boulevard and 9th Street.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - You might want to plan for a different route if West Boulevard is part of your daily commute.

On August 19, all of West Boulevard and 9th Street will be closed from Kansas City St. all the way to Saint Patrick St. with crossing available at Franklin, South and Quincy Streets.

Crews will be doing a chip seal project, which is basically putting down a layer of asphalt. Residents who live along these routes either got a notice in the mail or a notice posted in their yard. They are advised to remove their vehicles if they are parked along these routes by Monday.

West Boulevard and 9th Street will open up to traffic August 20-21, to allow the treatment to cure and then will be closed again all day August 22, crews will be laying down an asphalt treatment.
After Thursday, it's back to normal.