Children First: Thrive Adventure Gear Store

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) Thrive is a new adventure gear resale store in the Black Hills area working to transform the lives of young adults.

"We takes items such as bikes, keys, snowboards, anything you can do outside adventurous, we fix it up and sell it to fund the program," said Thrive Adventure Gear Store Owner Dan Linde.

The faith-based program is designed for at-risk youth ages 14 to 18 to learn life skills such as how to get a job and work with others.

"It's as simple as how to meet somebody new, how to set a long-term goal, what to do when you're frustrated, how to pick your friends, how to plan for your future and things like that," said Linde.

Thrive helps them develop those skills by using their own two hands by making t-shirts repairing bikes and more. The program relies entirely on adventure gear donations to fully stock the store.

Linde says, "We need sporting gear, any shape condition or size, please donate it. The kids will work on it, and get it fixed up and they're the machine behind our engine."

Youth will also benefit from the mentoring program that is offered.

"It's really neat to see the change in kids, daily and weekly when they're around people that love and care for them."

Since thrive is still pretty new, volunteers of all skills are needed.

"We have the resale sales floor. We also have bike shop so if you're into repairing items tearing down bikes and working alongside kids," said Linde.

In a month, the participating kids and their mentors will ride the Mickelson trail from deadwood to Edgemont.