Changes to scrap metal sales aim to prevent theft

Published: Mar. 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM CST
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House Bill 1082 would make changes to the sale of scrap metal, but for the Black Hills there might not be much of a change.

The bill, which is waiting for the governor's signature, will require a photo ID for people trying to sell scrap metal. Also, payments of more than $100 will need to be made by check or electronic transfer. Lawmakers say that this bill will decrease the theft of scrap metal, but the changes won't impact some metal recycling locations. ACE Steel and Recycling already requires a photo ID and digitizes their transactions.

"It is a lot better for the customers to have everything computerized so we weigh with computerized scales. We snap pictures with computers. When they come up here everything is in the computer; all the pricing is in the computer. We just press one button and the ticket is done," says Bill Huebner, president of ACE Steel and Recycling.

Having everything computerized not only helps the recycling plant, but also law enforcement. According to Huebner, when metal is stolen, police reach out to recycling plants asking them to keep an eye out for the pieces.