Central States Fair kicks off with Cattledog Challenge

 Cattledog Challenge at Central States Fair
Cattledog Challenge at Central States Fair (KEVN)
Published: Aug. 16, 2019 at 8:00 PM CDT
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This year's fair events kicked off Friday morning.

It all got started with the Black Hills Cattledog Challenge.

You've probably seen the sheepdog trials at the Black Hills Stock Show.

This idea is the same but here the dogs are guiding cattle through the course instead of sheep.

And that relationship between handler and dog is critical.

Handler and trainer Dorrance Eikamp says, "They're keen to work. They want to work and I jut go from there. You put about three to four months of work on them and you've got a dog that will do about anything for you. They're not seasoned, don't get me wrong. But they know what to do."

Eikamp has been doing this for 39 years now.

He says it's a magic moment when everything just clicks.

He says, "It's one of the best feelings in the world. And the dog knows when they're doing good. I won a trial in Sundance, Wyoming a couple years ago . It was one of my older dogs I have since sold. His name was Scott. After the run, i was going to load him up into the trailer like I normally do and he made one pass by the bleachers. He just kind of run by the bleachers, showed the audience, this is who I am. He knew he done good."

And just how smart are these border collies? He some are smarter than some of the people he knows.

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