Car upkeep during COVID-19

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With many staying home to maintain social distance, plenty of cars are not being driven for weeks on end. This can lead to long term vehicle problems.

Gasoline can start to deteriorate within a month.

Brian Williams, the owner of Ray's Auto Body, has a few suggestions for people that are keeping their cars parked for weeks at a time.

One tip is to keep the exterior of your car clean. The longer it sits dirty, the more potential there is for rusting.

Small animals also like to take shelter in vehicles, which can cause plenty of electrical problems. Supposedly, a bar of soap and dryer sheets can keep stowaways like mice out of the parked car.

"If a car is sitting parked, it's great to put a battery maintainer on it to make sure the battery stays charged," says Williams. "It would also be good to go out and start it every once and awhile. If possible, take it for a short drive."

Williams suggests parking your vehicle in the garage or a shaded area because sunlight is hard on stationary tires.