Canyon Lake Park gets new playground equipment

Canyon Lake Park gets colorful, new playground equipment near main entrance.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - If you've driven by Canyon Lake Park recently, you may have noticed a tall, colorful structure erected near the park's main entrance.

That's Rapid City Parks and Recreation's latest project to improve aging infrastructure, or in this case, to make it safer for children.

The current playground in that area is located right next to the bike path, which makes it not only dangerous for collisions, but the gravel surfacing can spread over the path, causing a biker to slip and crash. The old playground will eventually be taken down.

"It's getting aged, nothing really wrong with it but it's old," said Parks Division manager Scott Anderson. "It's got the old metal slide on it, so with this new piece obviously it's a lot nicer with the plastic slide and if you noticed it got a big shade canopy on it too. So we're trying to be progressive and trying to get out a try new things too with all these playgrounds, all our park stuff. There is some aging facilities so we're doing our best to keep up with it."

This new equipment is actually a culmination of two projects; the other being a metal shade structure built earlier in the summer.

Anderson hopes to have the installation completed in two weeks.