Can a school go paperless? When it comes to hall passes, they can

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LEAD-DEADWOOD S.D. (KOTA TV) - Lead-Deadwood High School is changing with the times, and is one of the first high schools in the Black Hills to implement electronic hall passes.

"Being in the 21 century. Right now we have our time cards all done online I think it's time for us to move forward and get rid of the 1970s pass and put everything online since we're a one to one school as well, just helps with the transition to the hall pass system," says Tony Biesiot the principal at Lead-Deadwood High School.

The system is easy, click where you want to go, your reason, then you'll have 20 minutes to have your pass approved. The biggest difference with the new system- accountability.

"I don't know what every signature looks like, they could forge it, they could be somewhere completely different. Here the only other person that has access to approve, say they were at that place is the teacher that I sent them to," says Tom Tieszen a science instructor at Lead-Deadwood High School.

The system took a little getting used to. For one senior, he's used to the paper passes, but for the most part is happy with the change.

"You kind of have to ask them like hey can you check your computer, I need to use the restroom but it's nothing huge," says Zak Mau a senior at Lead-Deadwood High School.

So far, the high school hasn't given out any written warnings for students not being where they need to be.