Campbell calls IM 22, "unconstitutional and insane"

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RAPID CITY, S.D. ( KOTA TV ) The first hot topic once Saturday's legislative crackerbarrel started on Saturday was the legislation's intent to repeal Initiated Measure 22.

Attorney general Marty Jackley is against the repeal and feels South Dakota should embrace the voter approved anti–corruption package. Many republicans feel the measure is unconstitutional, while some say there is a conflict of interest with the measure that spreads straight to the Governor.

"Because he has the same kind of problem we do in that he has a conflict of interest in signing the legislation." Senator Lance Russell said, "The courts were not the target. It is currently in court and has been enjoined. I believe that is the perfect venue for this."

Senator Russell also stated that for him to essentially put aside what the voters put in place when he was the target.

"All of us legislators are essentially the target of the legislation." Senator Russell said, "We in South Dakota enacted ethics legislation that is enforceable to keep some of the things the press has reported on over the past few years from going on."

Russell says he may have to resign from the legislature if this law is enforced. Russell says he has a conflict of interest in voting to repeal a law that is aimed at him. Russell says the Governors office has been pushing legislators to repeal IM 22.

"I think the situation that has been created here politically," Russell said, "The administration has been running the government in this state. It has created a system where the people no longer trust the legislators and the Governor."

Russell added that the Governor's administration should have challenged the law but instead, it's the legislators who are doing the heavy lifting. Russell adds that he feels the Governor has a problem signing the repeal because he has the same kind of problem the legislators do in that he has a conflict of interest in signing the legislation.

Representative Chip Campbell said he would only cover one issue saying he hasn't specifically delved into the background but it was on the various chapters of the IM 22 bill.

"An individual running for office would not be able to self fund their campaign." Campbell said, "That besides being unconstitutional, is absolutely insane. Along with that, IM 22 asks you and us to allow state government out of the general fund to fund campaigns, also insane."

Newcomer, Representative David Johnson said his choice on the matter was pretty clear.

"Regarding IM 22, it's pretty simple, it really is in my opinion." Johnson said, "On December 8th, Sixth Circuit Judicial Judge Mark Barnett enjoined IM 22 as unconstitutional, that's all it takes for me."

Some legislators fear that extraordinary measures will be taken to repeal the measure next week. Some of which include suspending all the rules of regular order of the house and senate in order to get it done quickly.