Businesses switch to delivery but are they insured to do so?

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - As more businesses transition to delivery services a local insurance agent is reminding owners to check their policies.

Tom Berger with Tom Berger with Farm Bureau Financial Services in Rapid City says it is a good idea just to do a check in with your insurance agent before you offer delivery services because not all plans will cover the arrangement. Businesses need to make sure the company will cover drivers and any crashes.

They also need to check their drivers' coverage. If employees are using their own vehicles, there could be a loophole where neither the driver's insurance, nor the business's insurance would cover a potential accident.

Berger says he doesn't want anyone running into any unforeseen issues.

"Ask those questions, because realistically if we don't ask those questions both the business owner and the employee who is driving around for the business could expose the business in general as well as the individual," Berger said.

While this is not a problem through Farm Bureau Financial Services, it could be for smaller providers.

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