Bush Foundation gives grant to Collective Impact

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) The Bush Foundation awarded Collective Impact a $200,000 dollar grant.

In the application for the grant Collective Impact listed several goals including to possibly partner with an existing organization to build and manage affordable housing properties and other goals for residents who average median household income is less than $35,000 a year.

"The goal of this grant is to fill a gap of up to 2,500 units so that's going to require a coordinated effort and to provide housing for folks and housing is key to economic development and success of an individual," says Rudy Guglielmo

With the announcement of the b-21 additional housing will be in need for the base, but also for public sector jobs

"With the B-21 coming we know that is happening, we know we will get an infusion of people. We know those people will need infrastructure, more people working in hotels, restaurants, the service industries. We will have more needs for housing." says Liz Hamburg

Hamburg added that with a recent survey there are 3 thousand 500 families in need of affordable housing right now.