Bull riding event raises fund for scholarships

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PIEDMONT, S.D. (KOTA TV)- A ranch in Piedmont has attracted many visitors Saturday, including some out-of-state bull riders, and they all have come together for a special reason-- It's the 5th annual Memorial Bull Riding, an event to remember two young men, Brandon Delzer and Pedro Dennis, who have passed away. The local community members started this event 5 years ago to raise scholarship money for Sturgis Brown High School and Philip High School. The scholarship has helped at least 18 area high school seniors to go to college.
This year, about 60 adult bull riders are competing, and more than 70 local businesses have sponsored the event.
In addition to professional bull riders, there are also some amateurs who volunteer to get on the rough ride to show their support. "We also have exhibition riders, to raise money for the scholarships. We auction them off , crowds get to buy them, and the best man wins. We have a Meade County sheriff, who's done it three years in a row," says Rachel Bothwell, the producer of the event. "The community is amazing, their support, I mean, they are...everybody is just so supportive."