Buffalo Chip Campground upgrades still under construction

Published: Jul. 27, 2017 at 5:29 PM CDT
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The Buffalo Chip Campground is under construction as the start to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gets closer.

They are enlarging the track, making it a half mile technical track, which was designed by a seven time world champion.

Because the track was expanded organizers had to move vendors back so those buildings are still under construction.

But the owner of the campground is confident that it will be complete in the next few days.

Buffalo Chip Campground Owner, Rod Woodruff, says "the last minute this stuff is all come together. We've been working on this for a full year so we know we're done. That was the electrical inspector that just left as we started talking in this interview. Right now we're good to go."

In addition, there will be a steel walk way overlooking the track, which will also serve as a shaded area for people standing in line for food and drinks.

One attendee who has been coming to the buffalo chip for 28 years is anxious to see all the updates.

Buffalo Chip Attendee, Earl McDonald, explains "I noticed that he's got some stuff going on down here now and I haven't been down there to sidewalk to supervise but I I'm interested to see what sort of development he'll have up there."

Campers have already begun to grab their spots but the rally will last from August 7th through the 13th.