Blizzard? In Sioux Falls flooding is the problem

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A south Sioux Falls neighborhood was under water Thursday after major flooding from this week's rain and snow melt. Crews were asking residents to be voluntarily evacuated because of how high those waters are.

These scary high rising flood waters at this south Sioux Falls neighborhood caused many families to evacuate from the area.

"We had a lot of residents that were stranded in their homes and couldn't get out. there is still water rising at this time so we wanted to make sure we got in accessed all of the residents, made sure that they were ok and then we were able to evacuate them if they wanted out," Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Division Chief, Mark Bukovich said.

17 residents in that neighborhood wanted to be evacuated from their homes, but not everyone made that same decision.

"But the ones that are sheltering in place are safe and are secure. They have full utilities and there is no hazard for them at this point in time," Bukovich said.

Many places in south Sioux Falls have been affected by flooding. Fire rescue knew this area along Minnesota Avenue near I-229 would be greatly impacted. The reason why is because the water kept rising.

"Once we decided this area was going to become impacted at this point we decided to come down and start doing a house to house search," Bukovich said.

Many people stopped on south Minnesota Avenue to take pictures of the unique event. Bukovich said residents were also surprised this was happening to them.

"Everybody was really surprised by the level of water and how quickly it came up as well as just the cold, the temperature of the water very cold barely above freezing you can't walk out through it. If you end up in the water it's going to be very quick for hypothermia to set in," Bukovich said.

Even though this can be a dangerous situation KSFY News did see some residents having a little fun canoeing.

Those who decided to stay in their homes are able to call fire rescue whenever they start feeling unsafe due to the waters.