Badlands can be big fun in the winter

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You might think of the Badlands as a summer destination. But it's actually got a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts in every season. Even in a snowy winter.

I went out over the weekend to sample an often overlooked cold weather gem in the territory.

"There are things to see and do during the winter months," said Christine Czazasty, the chief of interpretation at the Badlands national Park. "It's actually a nice time to get out into the park because we're past our peak visitation so you have the park to yourself."

It was great but you do need to be alert.

"We do ask that you be careful on our formal trails because we don't maintain them in the winter so they can be snow covered and icy," said Czazasty. "We have an open park policy so you can hike out into the wilderness but we do want you to be careful because a lot of those ravines can be filled in so you are not aware of how deep those valley's can be."

I was struck by how beautiful the formations looked in the snow. Turns out the experts agree.

"It's actually my favorite time because you can see with the dusting of snow on the formations that the badlands aren't flat," said Czazasty. "With the snow you can see the crevices and it gives them that depth."

And the biggest adventure? It might have been worrying if we'd get the trucks out of the snow drifts we ended up getting stuck in.