Badlands Distillery is making their own hand sanitizer

 How one distillery is making their own.
How one distillery is making their own. (KOTA)
Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 6:26 PM CDT
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Badlands Distillery has moved from bourbon to hand sanitizer and business manager Sandy Eschenbacher is excited.

"I mean we're just little Kadoka you know a distillery, but we're just happy to be able to do this right now," said Eschenbacher.

Badlands Distillery took a break from bourbon to fill a need not only in their little community, but throughout the state.

"This has been allowed by the federal government where they are waving certain regulations as a DSP which is a distilled spirits plant that they are allowing those entities to make hand sanitizer," said Eschenbacher.

And from now through the end of June, Badlands Distillery wants to ship the sanitizer out, in a unique way.

The distillery has more than fifteen hundred liqueur bottles where in just a few day, they're going to be filled with hand sanitizer.

"We've got a stack of bottles in place that typically was for our 1.75 alcohol bottles, but we are going to utilize that supply because out in the market, bottles and pumps are actually getting very hard to secure," said Eschenbacher. "So a little bit of resources we are going to use up here but we are fortunate enough to have them already in stock."

And what they have in stock, will help stock others.

"I didn't know how important it was until people started calling," said Eschenbacher. "Then I realized this is really happening, this is a need for the community and you think about people are like you don't want to ration hand sanitizer when you are in a hospital or clinic environment. If they have plenty on hand, I am happy to be able to provide that and get it in their hands quickly instead of ordering it and waiting online."

That list includes Sanford, Sioux San, Monument Health, and first responders around the state.

And to top it all off, their goal is to provide the hand sanitizer at no cost for their own little community..