BH Energy ready for snow

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 6:27 PM CDT
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Like with all winter storms, Black Hills Energy is prepared to respond to potential power outages.

The company says they have crews in all of their offices around the Black Hills ready to take action as the lights begin to flicker.

Director of Electric Operations Marc Eyre says the moisture in the snow is a big problem. As snow and ice builds up on the power lines, strong winds will make them bounce, causing the lines to bump into each other. That can cause light to flicker or even go out all together.

The storm also brings with it the potential for tree branches to break and damage the power lines. However, Eyre says we got lucky on when this storm hit.

"It's early enough in the spring that we don't have a lot of leaves on the trees, so from a vegetation management perspective the risks aren't as high as they could be," Eyre said.

If power lines do go down, Eyre says to treat them as live wires and call 911 immediately.

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