Attorney General discusses five legislative proposals

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - From methamphetamine to human trafficking, Marty Jackley visits Rapid City to discuss his five legislative proposals.

"We have a national meth epidemic that's happening and it has hit us here in South Dakota,” said Marty Jackley, South Dakota Attorney General.

South Dakota state’s attorneys confirm that a majority of crimes involve addition and drug abuse.

"We are getting less interest in cooperation and debriefing. And we're getting people who are essentially utilizing the system as a revolving door to come back and continue distributing tomorrow morning,” said Mark Vargo, Pennington County State’s Attorney.

The new legislation would increase the penalty for distribution, with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Other proposals include improving South Dakota’s sex offender registry by clarifying who should register and strengthening human trafficking laws.

"I have been very supportive on the human trafficking forfeiture laws. That was actually an attorney general bill. We're trying to fix the existing laws. so there doesn't have the be that victimization. First degree human trafficking defense. So, I am very supportive of any action of the legislature to give law enforcement additional tools to protect minor children and young women from human trafficking,” said Jackley.

And Jackley wants to see a state law that requires larger companies to inform consumers if there has been a data breach of personal information.

South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Sam Parkinson released a statement in regards to Marty Jackley’s press events stating: "Marty Jackley's self-promotion knows no bounds. Today's press events were little more than campaign events, having less to do with his duties as Attorney General than promoting his campaign for Governor. We call on Marty Jackley to stop campaigning on the taxpayer's time and expense and for his campaign to reimburse any taxpayer funds spent on these events."