Attorney general candidates prep for debate

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - South Dakota will have a new attorney general in office next year, but first the two candidates will clash in the only debate before the election.

On November sixth, voters will decide between Republican Jason Ravnsborg and Democrat Randy Seiler. Thursday, South Dakota Public Broadcasting will host the debate starting at 7p.m. The conversation is likely to focus on drug problems, over population in jails, and the legal experience of the candidates. One group highly invested in the race is the ACLU of South Dakota.

"For a long time South Dakota has been very tough on crime and has kind of held on to a war on drugs mentality and we don't think that's actually helping people get off drugs," said policy director Libby Skarin. "We also don't think that is making communities safer. So, I would really like to hear from both candidates and what their plans are for tackling the underlying issues of addiction."

Skarin says there are they will be looking for a few things in particular.

"We want to hear a few things from the candidates," Skarin said. "We want to hear how they view drug problems in South Dakota. We know that people are very interested in opioids and meth and the increased use of those drugs and I really want to hear how the candidates plan on dealing with those issues."

If Seiler wins in November it will be the first time a Democrat has held the office since 1973.