Are you and your partner open about money?

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - On this Valentine’s Day, ask yourself: Are you comfortable enough with your significant other to share how much you earn?

A majority, according to a Quicken survey, say “nope.” Only 43 percent of people tell their partners how much they make, the survey revealed.

The biggest reason, Quicken notes, is that talking about money is difficult. People say there is anxiety and friction about the topic. With this in mind, when you give your sweetie chocolate and champagne on Valentine’s Day you might want to ditch the budget talk.

This doesn’t mean you never broach the subject of family funds.

“People in our survey who are most confident in their path to retirement talk about money with their spouse or partner more than anyone else in their lives,” a Quicken release stated. “They even favor chats with their significant other over sitting down with their financial planners by 20 percent.”

Quicken advises that couples do not avoid the conversation, just choose the right time to talk; and work on financial goals together.

While money talk on a first date is taboo for many generations, more than half of Millennials (51 percent) say they have no problem chatting about cash on the inaugural date. Only about 8 percent of baby boomers admit to this.