Update: SD Legislature rejects terrorism resolution

Published: Feb. 6, 2018 at 9:15 AM CST
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The South Dakota Senate has rejected a resolution that pressed federal officials to identify the "root cause" of terrorism.

The resolution noted the global war on terror is being fought "in primarily Muslim majority countries against Islamic fundamentalist terror organizations."

Republican sponsor Neal Tapio said the resolution was necessary to give hope and purpose to American armed forces. But it failed on a 19-16 vote.

Democratic Sen. Troy Heinert, an opponent, urged his colleagues to resist the resolution. Lawmakers added a provision saying many Muslims have fought against "Islamic terrorism."

Resolutions express the Legislature's opinions but don't have the force of law.

Original story

State Republican Senator Neil Tapio of Watertown has introduced a concurrent resolution in Pierre, calling fundamental Islam the cause of the war on terror; and anyone who doesn't support his resolution is an enemy of the state.

Tapio, who is running for the U.S. House, says the resolution would formally acknowledge that fundamentalist Islam and Sharia law as the root causes of the global war on terrorism; and challenges businesses, organizations and political leaders to show support for our military.

A statement from his campaign office says in part, "...anyone, any organization, business or political candidate who fails to support the resolution is by omission declaring themselves an apologist for radical Islam, an enemy of the state.“