Arc of Dreams: Dale Lamphere shares his vision

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - KOTA Territory artist Dale Lamphere has gone from 'Dignity' to 'The Arc of Dreams.'

Lamphere's latest project involves the construction of a sculpture that will span the Big Sioux River in downtown Sioux Falls between 6th and 8th streets.

It is meant to honor those who have come to Sioux Falls hoping to make their dream come true.

Tonight, you'll meet the artist behind the project whose work is also the result of a dream.

Tucked amidtst the rolling prarie of western South Dakota....near'll find a secluded studio.
Inside is an artist who's work has made him a household name.
But like every dream it had a starting point.

"I grew up on a ranch about 5 miles north of where my current studio is located. I didn't really have any experience with the arts but I enjoyed making things." It was 1967 and Dale Lamphere, a farm kid who knew nothing about art, made the decision that he needed to educate himself.

So he enrolled in the 'Semester at Sea' program and was able to see first hand what art looked like here at home and around the world. "It was my first opportunity to see museums and the artifacts they contained and I could see how they recorded the character and the consciousness of each society."

Lamphere's career, by his own admission, started out slow.
But his work has led him to become one of South Dakota's premiere homegrown artist.

His works blend into our lives.
This piece..."Song of Creation"....outside of Avera McKennan Hospital.
This piece called "Tall Grass" outside of the Washington Pavilion.
His most recent piece..the statue named "Dignity" erected in Chamberlain.

And now....."A lot of calculations involved in something like this." Lamphere is working on the river spanning 'Arc of Dreams'.....honoring the people whose dreams have weaved into the fabric of Sioux Falls.
But designing something this big and this unique brings with it its own set of challenges. "Well this is going to be a challenge. There's a lot of technical things that...structural issues that we have to contend with as well as making it a beautiful object in space."

The 'Arc of Dreams' will be large. One of the technical things Dale Lamphere has to contend with is building a piece that will be able to stand up to the rigors of South Dakota's infamous windy conditions. "A big problem has been interaction with the wind and we are changing the cross section configuration from a triangle to a more aerodynamically stable shape."

Lamphere is currently working with an engineering firm in Canada to make the sculpture will be areodynamically sound.