Airman helps Santa bring Christmas joy to children

BOX ELDER, S.D. (KOTA TV) - An airman from Pennsylvania brings a childhood Christmas tradition to the Black Hills.

Senior Airman Nathaniel Weikert, along with some of the people in his unit, are helping out Santa this holiday season.

As a boy, Weikert spent time writing Santa a letter and always loved getting a letter in return from the big man.

Now that he has kids of his own, he's not only trying to keep the tradition alive for his family but has invited other families on base to come have their children drop off letters to Santa.

Weikert has received a handful of letters so far and all of them have already been answered.

The box will stay up until the 24th, receiving help from other airmen to answer all the Christmas wishes in time.

Weikert says the kids make it all worth it.

"I love kids. I love seeing the way they smile, they laugh, everything. It's just great to see them enjoy life. It just helps make it a little bit better for them, easier,” states Weikert. “They're away from home, they're away from their favorite family member so of course it's going to be completely different for them, but if you have something magical they are going to remember that and they're going to like it. They're going to want to be more involved with it."

The house where you can drop off the letters is on the Ellsworth Air Force Base which means only those with access to the area can send their letters to Santa.

If you know someone who does have access, you can give the letter to them to drop off for you.