Affordable housing session

Community members spoke about the affordable housing issue, and their goal is to try to find the right steps to tackle the problem. (KOTA)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA, TV) - Housing is a consistent issue in many areas, including Rapid City, which is why Rapid City council members and local organizations are working together to tackle the problem.

"There's no one thing that is going to fix it all. So we need to come at different channels and different avenues to help those people that are in the grey area," says Laura Armstrong from Ward 5.

With a wide variety of topics ranging from property management to eviction mitigation, many people gave their input.

"For the city to grow, you have to take care of everyone from top to bottom," says the executive director for Black Hills Area Community Foundation, Liz Hamburg.

Habitat for Humanity was one of the groups at the meeting, and their representative says the goal of their program is to put lower-income people into homeownership.

"Find land and funding, and we're concerned about the price of housing in Rapid City," says a representative for the organization, Terry Fuller.

Fuller says the availability of land in and around Rapid City is getting harder compared to what it was.

"Scrambling to try and find a lot for a house that we're supposed to start building in May, and we still don't have a lot for it," says Fuller.

If Habitat for Humanity can't find the land and the funding for the houses, Fuller fears the worst.

"If we can't do that, then we're going to have families that aren't in simple and decent affordable housing," says Fuller.