A new store is helping people get informed about CBD

 All CBD products contain zero THC in South Dakota.
All CBD products contain zero THC in South Dakota. (KOTA)
Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 7:04 PM CDT
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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD.

"CBD is a cellular anti-inflammatory, so basically a very natural ibuprofen," said Scott Cooley who is an employee at Elemental.

While some may be nervous to try it. Bruce and Miranda Kitterman, owners of Elemental, designed a welcoming environment to help people get informed.

"We've seen people in the store asking all sorts of questions feeling comfortable to hang out from all demographics. From someone in their mid-twenties all the way up, yesterday I spoke with a gentleman in his mid-eighties," said Bruce.

And there are a number of products customers can choose from.

"We have everything from the gummies you can eat that some people prefer, the flavor of those. We have the tincture which are the oils, that's the most common one that is sold in America now and finding the same to be true in the store," said Bruce.

It doesn't stop there, the store offers other products ranging from lotions to bath bombs and even CBD treats for your furry friends.

"We really wanted to be able to offer CBD no matter how you choose to ingest it."

And all of it has zero THC in it, but if Noem signs the hemp bill.. Elemental will be able to offer more products including ones that do include some THC.

"We'd get the full-spectrum hemp oil which is allowed to point three THC but it also has omega sixes and omega threes in it. It's basically just opens up more spectrum for you to get some healthy things in your body basically," said Cooley.

In the future, the store would even be able to source the hemp from South Dakota making it local.