A new stalling facility at Central States Fair will provide 88 more stalls

The new stalling facility will be indoors and provide 88 additional stalls.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The groundbreaking of the new indoor stalling facility at Central States Fairgrounds took place on Friday.

The new facility isn't just for additional stalling, its to have warm stalls available for their southern competitors during the winter months.

John Kerstiens is the President of Central States Fair and said having a warm facility not far away from the main barn is essential to bringing new events and maintaining the current ones.

The facility will provide 88 more stalls.

"From a stalling capacity, you know, per horse...per night we'll make more money, more revenue as well for the larger community hen the horses are staying here overnight that means the cowboys, the cowgirls and the showers are staying overnight as well and its bringing their money locally and helping our local economy," said Kerstiens.

Having the additional stalls will allow for more events to take place at the fairgrounds.

Mayor Steve Allender said its important for the city and county to see the mutual benefit of working together on a small-scale project.