A new bicycle park in Sturgis is breaking ground in May

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Sturgis, SD (KOTATV) - The city of bikes is living up to their name.

The Sturgis Police Athletic League is planning a professional quality bike, as in bicycle, park for people of all ages and skill levels.

Sturgis Chief of Police, Geody Vandewater, says “there's going to be a strider pump track which is for little kids on strider bikes and then there's going to be another pump track and they're going to be hand in hand together. Another one will be the skills park that will have some of the wood and dirt jumps. And then another option will be a BMX track as well down the road."

The construction will be done by Pumptrax USA, a company that has built the last three Olympic BMC tracks. The cost is predicted to be around 75,000 dollars.

"So far we've raised around just over 31,000 dollars here Saturday night," states Vandewater.

The police action league may have raised about half the money needed by auctioning off items at the knuckle brewery but the real goal is to help the youth.

"We want to get involved the police department as well as other community members want to get involved with our youth. Give our youth different options to detour juvenile crime. One of our philosophies is we would rather mentor the youth than mend our adults," explains Vandewater.

They plan to start building the new bike park near the football field at Woodle Park this May.