A local student in Sturgis is speaking out after she was attacked

 A video goes viral of a local girl getting attacked. (KOTA)
A video goes viral of a local girl getting attacked. (KOTA) (KOTA)
Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 6:26 PM CST
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It's viral on social media; a video shows a group of kids beating up Ella Ward, a Sturgis high school girl.

The victim says her friends told her to meet them at the skate park behind the Sturgis community center. And that's when it escalated.

"Five minutes passed, and people showed up, and they blocked my car," says the victim, Ella Ward.

Ella says the next thing she knew; people were telling her to get out of the car and fight them. She says she tried to leave the area but was unsuccessful.

"Yanked me out of the car. And dragged me and hit me in my face. And then I fell to the ground, and I blacked out for like a second," says Ward.

During this time, Ella says people were laughing and videotaping the whole thing.

As to *why* the fight happened, Ella says she doesn't know.

"It's so wrong. And it physically hurts, but mentally it messes someone up. And it needs to stop," says Ward.

After the incident, Ella's mom brought it to the school district's attention.

"This type of behavior is so pervasive that someone needed to do something," says Ella's mom, Ursula Ward.

Even though the incident happened off school grounds, the superintendent says his main priority is student safety.

"We have a responsibility at school to investigate and involve our self and get counselors involved and administrators involved," says the superintendent for Meade School District 46-1, Jeff Simmons

Simmons says the principals are investigating and interviewing students.

The investigation is going to take time, but the school's goal is to make sure they get to the bottom of the issue.

The Sturgis Police Department is also investigating what happened.

As of right now, there is no word on whether charges have been filed.