A family booked a trip to South Dakota and didn't realize it was rally week

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA,TV) - A Colorado family headed to South Dakota for a family trip and got more than they expected.

The Quinlan family took a trip to South Dakota and let's just say they had a great time.

Robert Quinlan planned the trip about seven weeks ago and was a little confused when he and his family landed at the airport.

The family saw a ton of bikers and thought it was a little unusual until they found out the 79th Sturgis Rally was in motion.

Even though the family wasn't expecting a big event, they were eager to find out why a ton of people were in their biker gear.

Quinlan says after they found out they thought it was great to see everyone coming together.

Now, the Quinlans didn't end up going to Sturgis, but they did head to Keystone and Deadwood and say they got a little taste of the rally.

"At dinner, on the first night, I had a long conversation probably 20 to 25 minutes with a guy from Tennessee, and he filled me in on all the ins and outs. And he's been to many rallies, and he's saying next year the rally is going to be crazy," says Quinlan.

The family says there is a good chance they won't go the rally next year, but they are looking forward to another trip to South Dakota.