A Rapid City man dead after car crashes and submerges in Rapid Creek

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The body of a Rapid City man is pulled out of Rapid Creek after the car crashes into a bridge near Green Valley Drive Sunday morning.

Pennington County Water Rescue team pull out the wrecked car from Rapid Creek. (KOTA TV)

The Pennington County Water Rescue team along with the Rapid City and Rapid Valley Fire Departments rushed to Green Valley Drive to pull out a flipped-over car in Rapid Creek.

"A report of a car submerged in the creek on its roof. So, the only thing that was visible was a wheel from the vehicle," said Pennington County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Chris Hislip.

With water flowing at 700 cubic feet per second, rescuers had to put up a fight.

Hislip said the driver was turning left on Green Valley Drive, but was coming too fast and ended up crashing into the bridge railing on Reservoir Road falling into the creek.

A neighbor who lives near Green Valley Drive and Reservoir Road said the crash sounded like a trailer bouncing up and down on a bumpy road. But when he looked outside he saw a car drifting away in Rapid Creek.

Hislip said they pulled out a 23-year old man which the family has identified as Ivan Givanni Rice.

According to his grandmother, Rice was on his way home after dropping off some people after a party.

He was a mile and a half away from his house.

"I do know that they did find some alcohol. I do know that there was a party. But he wasn't normally the type that would drink and drive and that's why he was always the designated driver. He was always really good about that. This is why I tell anybody's kids please call me. Please call me," said Rice's Grandmother Tami Rice.

According to the Pennington County Sheriff's Office, there were no other passengers in the car.

A tow truck picked up the flattened car as city workers came to fix the railings on the bridge.

Rice's grandmother said he was an ambitious young man who recently graduated from college with a business management degree. She said he had plans to start his own family roofing business. She said this is unexpected of him as his family grieves for his loss.

"They're all a mess right now as you can well imagine anybody would be. But this was a fine young man. He would've really went somewhere. I can't tell you, I mean my heart is bleeding inside of me," Tami Rice said.

The sheriff's office will perform an autopsy on the body. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident.