A Keystone restaurant adds a decorative tower to building

KEYSTONE, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Front Porch Restaurant in Keystone added a 24 foot, decorative tower to the exterior for a grand sight when entering the town.

The new tower added at Front Porch Restaurant in Keystone, S.D.

According to owner Tim Johnson, the tower was actually made in-house by one of their maintenance workers, Adam.

The tower will also feature an old-school clock with gold-dipped hands and there will also be an old mining cart displayed, as a nod to Keystone's history of mining.

Johnson said he has been working on updating the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings to make it as memorable as possible.

"We're improving the aesthetics," said Johnson. "It's very important in today's modern world. Aesthetics are part of the whole experience, so, you want to come to Keystone and enjoy it and kind of feel the roots of where the town originated from, and, you know, it's a very patriotic town."

Johnson also said they will be adding a huge 40 foot by 60 foot American flag nearby for a grand, patriotic aesthetic.