911 answers more than 100 calls from people stuck in snow drifts during blizzard

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The snow may have stopped early in the day, but the wind continued to be the story throughout the afternoon.

It created dangerous snow drifts in which people got stuck and couldn't get out. In fact, Pennington County 911 said they received more than 100 calls Wednesday night into Thursday morning of people getting stuck.

Even though roads were being plowed, the wind pushed snow back over the streets and some spots were very deep.

It was a problem for drivers, but also for plow crews.

With so many people stuck, it prevented crews from plowing certain areas and it slowed down their progress.

The Deputy Director with Pennington County Emergency Management said some cars were abandoned and plows had to move these cars themselves.

"There were lots of stuck and abandoned vehicles and when that happens, potentially does the plow just push them out of the way? In that case it does happen," said Alexa White. "We don't want to mess up a car, but the idea of getting the road clear, that can help traffic move through. They can go around so many cars, but if it's a main highway or something like that then they have to get that vehicle out of the way."

Rapid City crews will be plowing the downtown area around 7 p.m. Thursday night because they anticipate less people will be driving at that time.