Gas prices drop below $2 in Rapid City

Gas prices fall below $2.00 (KEVN)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - As the price for oil continues to fall gas prices are also dropping across the nation.

According to Triple-A gas prices in the state are hovering just over 2 dollars, but many places around Rapid City you can find it for under two bucks a gallon.

Rhonda Keller, the branch manager for Triple-A here in Rapid City says the price for a barrel of crude oil went for 22 dollars and at 60 percent of the pricing comes from that barrel price.

These lower prices for oil could help families who are seeing their paychecks affected by the current covid-19 pandemic

"Yeah, you really do. I mean every penny saved goes back to your bank account. We're driving less so saving a lot more," Says, Rhonda Keller, Branch Manager Rapid City Triple-A

Keller added that supply and demand has also been a factor and wants to remind drivers to follow all guidelines for travel because of the virus outbreak