Pennington County Sheriff's Office welcomes their new hires

Pennington County Sheriff's Office correctional officers are sworn in. (KOTA TV)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Pennington County Sheriff's Office welcomed new faces to their team and the various agencies that they support.

Addiction counselors, correctional officers and, Care Campus detox technicians were all sworn in.

For one of the newest JSC officers -- he hopes to use his own personal life of growing up on the streets with absentee parents to prove that despite, a tough start to life, your struggles don't need to define you.

"I proved a lot of people wrong. It means the world, I'm the first in my family to be in law enforcement at all. It is kind of huge. You can make a difference, you can be the change all it takes is a little bit of work and effort," says Maurice Wallen, JSC correction officer

Wallen credits his Aunt and Uncle with saving him -- or he could have seen himself on the other side of the equation at Juvenile Services Center.

Also sworn in today: Peri Decory who will serve as an addiction counselor. Decory comes from a family involved with law enforcement -- as her sister works for the Sheriff's office as well.

The sisters got their careers started on Rosebud.

"For me, it is just practicing humility when helping the individuals because there is a lot of trauma people are experiencing and these are just comfort-seeking behaviors. Be open and welcoming to those who need help. Not to be judgmental their backgrounds are different from how I grew up on the reservation. I get to see them every day and how they are when they aren't on meth they are two different people. It is just nice to have compassion," says Samantha and Peri Decory.