Red Arrows jets make Mount Rushmore final stop on tour

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KEYSTONE, SD.. (KOTA TV) - The Red Arrows, Britain's version of the Blue Angels made the famous four faces at Mount Rushmore the last stop on their North American Tour Tuesday.

Red Arrows jet flys over Mount Rushmore National for the final stop on North American Tour (KEVN) -

The hawk-fast jet fleet has not been in the United States in more than a decade.

The jets released red, white, and blue smoke coming from the red aircraft came as a shock to many visiting the national monument for the day.

Especially, for ex-navy Bob Scholes who said he was absolutely thrilled to see the patriotism and respect come across the air.

"This was my first time at Mt. Rushmore and that's the thrill but to add this aircraft, and I love the aircraft. That was absolutely beautiful, wonderful," said Bob Scholes, visiting from Virginia.

According to a press release from the Red Arrows, the tour "aims to promote the best of British and deepen partnerships with close friends and allies."

one of the airmen said they could not have chosen a better place to wrap up their tour.

"Mount Rushmore is the ideal place for us to fly past on our closing stages of the tour A real national monument. And then for us to come here to Rapid City and engage with our trade friends and talk about Great Britain, it's just a great opportunity," said Adam Collins, Red 10 Supervisor with the Red Arrows

Collins said he and his crew are privileged to represent not just the royal air force but Great Britain on a global stage.