6 surgical nurses welcome babies within 6 months apart

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SPEARFISH, SD (KOTA TV) - A baby boom hit the surgical unit at the Regional Health Spearfish Hospital in recent months.

Six surgical nurses at Regional Health Spearfish Hospital give birth to babies all within six months. (Regional Health Spearfish Hospital)

"I don't know what it is, we've been saying well there's something in the water back here if you want to get pregnant come back to surgery because chances are, you'll get pregnant," said Mindy Ugland, a charge nurse.

The thing that Easton Burr, Hayes Egerdahl, Logan Halm, Brecken Rubis, Lennyn Apland, and Zuza Byrd-Moro all have in common is that their mothers are nurses in the surgical unit.

"I started it off in 2016 when I had my first baby and our department has been pregnant with somebody pregnant ever since then," said Jacee Apland.

The unit staff calls it an unusual blessing.

They say they're scheduling might have been a little chaotic for a couple of months but it was all worth it.

"We have just one person gone at one time but this time we had a lot of people gone because they were having babies weeks apart," Ugland said.

These new mothers definitely have something to chat about at work now.

They say they are grateful for the new support system inside and outside of the operating room.

"It's great because then you get an opportunity to talk about the person you love most so. It's fun to be able to tell everybody how he's doing and how he's growing and see how their little ones are doing as well," said Cali Egerdahl, RN.

"There is always something you feel like you don't know, you're always asking questions and that's completely normal," Apland continued.

All but three of the mothers are back to work.

They say they are all looking forward to motherhood.

Between January 7 and July 4, 2019, each of these women spent time in labor. They are all surgical nurses at Regional Health Spearfish Hospital (KEVN)
Jacee Apland (left) is the veteran mom in the group. She gave birth to the first baby in the surgical unit out of the group in 2016. Apland's glad she is able to pass along newborn advice. (KOTA TV)