Homeowners could see less hike in taxes, RCAS Facilities Plan

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA TV) - Keeping in mind long term growth, the Rapid City Area School District says homeowners may not have to dig as far into their pockets as they thought.

Dave Jankek, assistant superintendent for Fiscal and Support Services, said homeowners could face a one dollar increase in tax for every $1,000 of their home's assessed value.

That is $1.37 less than community members have originally been hearing as it applies to a proposed school facilities plan.

"People are much more receptive to a one dollar increase than they're two dollars and thirty seven cents," Janek said.

That will happen only if the district used a structure that takes into account the possible growth it could experience over the life of a $250-million bond to repair its schools.

What if the district doesn't grow at the foreseeable rate?

"In short, the district would either have to make that money up out of other funds whether it be general funds or capital outlay funds or the board could determine that they need to increase the levies," Janek said.

Overall, Janek says this is just another option on the table.

"We wanted the Board of Education to just kind of understand conceptually that there is a mechanism that does allow for growth in the structure of the bond, whether or not that's 5.4% or not, it's still to be determined. Whether or not the one dollar is the magic number or not is still to be determined," Janek concluded.

Janek said now that the board has this information, it will have another study session and reconsider the proposed structure along with other alternatives for what growth and levy numbers might work.

The task force's final meeting is scheduled for May 30.

The members are expected to hand down a final set of recommendations to the school board in June.