People think and prepare differently for spring storm

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RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA TV) - A Spring snow storm in the making. The key word: Spring.

"I think a lot of people are thinking that it's just going to come, it will snow, and then in a few days it will all be melted away and gone and it will be back to the nice temperatures," said Dan French, store manager at Hank's Hardware.

Not as concerned as they were for the late winter storm that swept the region last month, people are going to stores like Hanks's Hardware for a different kind of resource.

"People are looking for sump pumps or ways to block water so generally, we see a little bit more of that maybe in these spring-type of snowstorms."

The majority of stores are putting away their winter gear like shovels and brushes but they say you should still be prepared for what's to come.

Regardless of how prepared people are, stores are still selling essentials like batteries, flashlights, and propane.

"We usually do see an influx of business right before a storm. Obviously you know, during the cleanup phase as the storm leaves the area, we see an influx as well," French said.

Some customers mindsets are different this time around too.

"It'll make things green and that's what we want for the Black Hills. It will help prevent forest fires so let it happen, we're prepared for it," one shopper said.

Familiar with the area's weather pattern this time a year, they say they will take it however it comes.

"To start out the spring season with a lot of moisture and I think we'll all benefit from it so I'm excited ... let it snow," another shopper said.