City looking to improve traffic flow in northeastern Rapid City

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - More people in Rapid City could mean more cars and more traffic.

About 50,000 vehicles drive through the corridors of Cambell, East North, and East Omaha Streets every day.

And city officials say residents constantly complain about the traffic delays at these intersections.

The red light and the intersection of North Cambell and East North Street took about a minute before the light turned green again.

The city hired a consultant to analyze several corridors around northeastern Rapid City.

The consultant's draft report shows what the city can do to relieve traffic congestion in that area.

Kip Harrington, long range planner, City of Rapid City, says, "Some of the improvements that we're taking a look at will certainly improve the flow through those intersections. Additional turn lanes really help move traffic through. Anytime you have an intersection, there's only so much time you have to move traffic through so additional lanes will help increase the volume that can get through in that time during the traffic signal."

And if something is not done, Harrington says it will only get worse.

Kip Harrington says, "Traffic congestion has been increasing in that area over time. If you've been out there you've seen how the turns can back up into the thru lanes and cause some traffic delays, and also we're seeing continued growth in that area and we anticipate that growth to continue over the next 10 years or so."

Harrington estimates the planning department will release the final study report in June.

Kip Harrington says, "I think it'll give us a real clear road map on how to move forward in the future and the best solution we came come up with to solve some of these problems and at the best use of the taxpayers' money as well."