New technology increases efficiency for downtown parking enforcement

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - If you don't see a chalk line on your tire, but still have a parking ticket, it's probably not a mistake. Parking enforcement for the downtown area is getting a face lift with some new technology.

"I see meter maids everywhere marking tires down here, makes you paranoid. So yeah, I just watch the time a lot and I'm always kinda making sure that if I have to shift it I get it moved over to another street or another block," says Starla Otto a Rapid City Resident.

New technology is being implemented to enforce downtown parking to make it more efficient. That means you might not see a chalk mark on your tire. Some people are on the lookout for parking staff as a reminder to move their car, but fewer are walking around. Now they can scan license plates to be more efficient and keep traffic moving.

"I think it has to be done. As a business owner you want the traffic to be fluid, be moving so that you get customers are able to park and come in and new customers are able to come in," says Julie Mahaffey co-owner of Mary's Mountain Cookies.

A few businesses have alley parking while others lease parking from lots. For customers, if three hours is not enough there is also metered parking so they don't have to rush to avoid a parking ticket.

"I would just say pay attention to where you're parking and the restrictions that are on that area can vary depending on the street you're on and the parking lot that you're in so just be aware of where you're at and where you're going to stay," says Otto.

As efficiency increases with the new electronic chalking, there is hope future growth in the area will benefit from it.

"Rapid City's growing and we want Rapid City to keep growing and the business to come in so having that technology is just a matter of time," says Mahaffey.