People out shoveling blizzard aftermath in their driveways

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Tyler Tribby finished shoveling his driveway but he still has a ways to go until he actually makes it to the street.

"The plow came through last night and kind of plowed me in," says Tribby a Flormann Street resident.

"I mean this is a little abnormal because of the high-winds that we had and it just took it where it wanted to go." says Dale Pfeifle with the Streets Department of Rapid City.

Pfiefle says the wind is killing them with this storm, it's making the aftermath much worse than it would of been.

"We've got places where it's dry places where there's 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot snow banks and we don't know where those are going to be at," says Pfeifle.

This is where citizens and business owners helped out clearing areas that snow drifted into.

"It's just a lot of area to cover," says Tribby.

Some don't mind the inconvenient travel advisory and cold, in fact they embrace it.

"It's part of South Dakota fun," says Tribby.

As you shovel remember, do not dump snow into the city streets and if you have a hydrant in your yard clear a three foot radius around the fire hydrant.