Rapid City Public Works Committee approves lane line repainting project

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Some of the traffic lines around Rapid City are fading, and the city says it's time to touch them up.

The Rapid City Public Works Committee approved a "Lane Line Repainting Project."

City officials estimate the project will cost $110,000.

Crews will replace edge lines, crosswalks, and traffic dividing lines.

A city engineer says they repaint the lines every year to increase traffic safety and visibility.

Ted Johnson, engineer, City of Rapid City, says, "It's from vehicle traffic, just driving over it. The salt, the de-icing chemicals wear that down a lot more. Plows plow them off. They get scraped off so it's just wear and tear on them. Then the elements, the snow pops some off it off. The ice is hard on them, too."

Crews are expected to start repainting the lines in April.