Girl Scouts learn snow safety and have a snowbox derby

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LEAD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - If you were lost in the woods during winter would you know what to do to survive? The Girl Scouts would. Saturday they learned about winter safety and ended the day with a little fun.

For the second year, girls from multiple Girl Scout Troops in the area met in Lead to learn about safety when exploring the hills during winter.

"Maybe you need a whistle to bring with, a compass, you could even have like a bandanna in your hair or something or a headband. If you have a marker or something or wood that you could draw on you could tie it on a tree and then they would know," says Girl Scout Jaelyn Neville.

Lawrence County Search and Rescue took the girls for rides in the snow cat to show them how they rescue people stranded in the snow. In December 2018, four South Dakota snowmobilers were missing in Wyoming and survived in the snowy mountains thanks to tips similar to what these girls learned Saturday.

"Personally I think it's really important because if you're hiking and get stranded the things we learned today would help you a lot," says Girl Scout Emily Peters.

This year there was a special event to end the day. Most of the fun usually came from the little moments with search and rescue in the snow like playing on the snow hill, using snow shoes, riding in the snow cat, and other things the girls mentioned.

For the first time a snowbox derby was part of the fun. The girls got together in teams to create their own sled out of cardboard boxes, something they hope to continue in the future, but maybe on a different hill.

Jaelyn and Emily say that they went down the hill very fast and even hit a bump causing the box to jump in the air for a moment.

Girl Scout Grace Payton says that when she went down a second time she also had an interesting experience taking her box down the hill, "Yeah it was really fun and then we went again and about rolled all the way down the hill."