Renovated rental properties might be in Lead's future

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - What was once an old school building might transform into new condominiums in the City of Lead.

Robb Schlimgen of Rapid City is currently in the process of buying the former Lead Central School complex.

Lead City Administrator Mike Stahl says there are three buildings on that campus, but they've been ignored for at least 10 years.

Stahl says the new buyer would possibly convert the original school building into condo units, the classroom building into office space, and the auditorium for storage.

The school area was originally zoned as commercial, but the city recently rezoned it for residential use.

Stahl says surrounding homeowners think the old school is an eyesore and would welcome a makeover.

Mike Stahl says, "This is as close as we've come in many years to have something done. The city is fully supportive of it. We've expressed that to anybody that has asked us as well as funding agencies. The need for this in our community, it can't be overstated. It just needs to have this type of stuff done for people to come to the city of Lead."

Schlimgen declined to comment at this time pending closure on the sale of the property.