A Lead coffee shop owner is hoping to reach out to those in need

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LEAD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Java Joint is spreading good vibes community and the coffee shop's owner has a message of hope he wants to share one cup at a time.

Owning a business was always a goal, but barely seemed possible for Tyke Mohr, much less while facing many hardships.

"I never dreamed I would have a coffee shop you know. And I never thought in my whole life I would ever get addicted to drugs and alcohol, get so far into depression and suicidal," says Mohr.

Dealing with addiction and homelessness, Mohr attempted suicide and flat lined.

"I was dead"

He was revived in the hospital and induced into a coma until he was well enough to begin recovery. Once he woke up, he reached out for help and hopes that others will do the same.

"You need to let it out you need to talk to anyone. Talk to a friend, I mean, I have people, they call me and they talk to me and if I don't feel like that I am going to be able to give them the help that they need I have people that can give them the help that they need and send them in the right direction," says Mohr.

Nineteen months later, and with the help of his sponsor, he has his coffee shop.

"It's even better than I expected and it's getting better, like every day. It's awesome. More people are coming in, and this place has good vibes, there's no negative vibes here," Mohr says.

As business grows, the coffee shop is something that he wants to share with the community.

"You know, we have local musicians come in here play their own music. This place has local art. Definitely for the community and something for the community to do in this town," says Mohr.