New events and more prizes at the Black Hills Pow Wow

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - As the Black Hills Pow Wow came to a close just before Native American Day, the dancers, drummers, and spectators enjoyed the final events and competitions.

"I enjoy the energy, the positive energy. I enjoy seeing everyone smiling out there, having a good time, laughing. Some people you only see once a year and that's during the Black Hills Pow Wow," says Stephen Yellowhawk, the board president of the Black Hills Pow Wow Association.

This year the dance competition included some new elements to include tribes from southern states, and the singing competition has more prize money as well as a new name.

"Some of the best drums in the world are here this weekend and they're competing, we call it "The World Championships of the Black Hills Singing Contest." This is the first year that we've called it that and we're so excited and honored to be able to host all these champion dancers and champion drum groups to come here and bless us with their art of song and dance," says Yellowhawk.

These drum groups travel the country to perform and for Lakota Clairmont, a finalist in the competition, there are still moments where they get anxious performing.

"It's very nerve wracking, but kind of over the years got used to the pressure, the excitement so yeah, very exciting."