Reducing the monthly cost for women

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The average woman spends between $120 and $300 a year on feminine hygiene products.

For the homeless and those transitioning out of homelessness, that extra expense adds up.

At The Cornerstone Rescue Mission there is no budget for hygiene products. They rely primarily on donations to provide the products for women in the Women and Children's Home and those who sleep in the basement.

Lysa Allison, the executive director, says it is like Christmas for the women when they find out there are hygiene products available.

"When they do get money for like an odd job, they can use it for something for their kids versus something like a hygiene product," she said. "They're always so grateful."

Allison added that other everyday items always needed at the Mission are combs, foot powder, deodorant and toilet paper.