21 vehicles towed during Rapid City's Snow Alert

 Rapid City crews clean up snow after a blizzard.
Rapid City crews clean up snow after a blizzard. (KOTA)
Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 10:26 PM CST
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Despite multiple warnings from Rapid City, 21 vehicles were towed during the downtown Snow Alert.

"There's a purpose to it, we're not the first city to do downtown Snow Alerts, in fact, we're probably one of the last ones to jump on board here, so it's an education process but one that has many great impacts because again it involves the safety and welfare of the community and an efficiency in snow removal," said Darrell Shoemaker, communications coordinator for Rapid City.

"These red snow removal signs have been in downtown Rapid City since the 90's, but with the first Snow Alert since the program was reinstated, now is the time for drivers to pay attention," said Sunday Miller.

"It doesn't do any good to have the vehicles there and then you just push the snow around them because then that vehicle's stuck, that's a parking place that nobody can get to, especially if it turns to ice," said Alexa White, Rapid City Pennington County Emergency Management.

Vehicles parked in the core boundary of 5th to 9th Street, and Omaha to Kansas City Street need to be moved during a Snow Alert.

"It's a three by four block radius, we may extend that to West Boulevard, anyone in that core area, they can move their car a couple of blocks and be outside of that core area and not have to worry about towing charges or a fine or parking ticket," Shoemaker said.

Only the public works director can declare a Snow Alert, and the City said to expect more alerts in the future.

"Not that it's great to tow vehicles and things like that but it's just one of those things that we need to do, that the city has the option to do to get things back to normal and working properly," White said.

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