16th annual Clothe-A-Kid event at Kohl's

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA,TV)- A new school year is quickly approaching, which means it's time for back to school shopping. Getting your child ready for the new year can get expensive, but with the help of Love Inc and Clothe-A-Kid, it becomes a little easier.

Parents lined up with their kids for the Clothe-A-Kid event to get some clothes for back to school.

A line out the door at Kohl's was filled with Rapid City community members today hoping to check off that school supply list without burning a hole in their pockets.

"Getting back into school is very expensive, and this is just a way to help families that are struggling. It allows them to have a little more cushion in their budget," says executive director of Love Inc, John Ligtenberg.

Kohl's partners with Clothe -A- Kid and Love Inc to help families in the area through their annual Clothe-A-Kid event.

"I don't get much new stuff, so when I get something new, I like to use it a lot and a lot and with clothes you can," says one participant, Rylee Hurtig.

In June, parents have the opportunity to sign up for this event. They do so by investing ten dollars or participating in ten Life Inc classes. Then Clothe a kid and churches in the area match the investment the parents made.

"I grew about maybe two or three inches, so all my pants are too short so I'm probably going to be getting some new pants," says Hurtig.

During the shopping spree, the children and their family is matched with a volunteer to help them find the right outfit and help them with their budget.

"Sometimes if we feel like people don't care about us, it gives us that sense that people do," says Hurtig.

Having one-on-one attention with the volunteers allows the kids to find what they are looking for.

"By the time they find something they love, it just gets them in the right mindset to get back to school," says Ligtenberg.

In the end, most kids walked away with a brand new outfit and a new backpack.

Now, they're are all set for the new school year.

If anyone is interested in the other services and classes, you can check
out Love Inc.