$1.5M expansion set for September

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A brand new range is well on the way for Rapid City archers. Outdoor Campus West announced plans for the construction of another hunter education and archery complex next to their campus.

The plans call for an indoor education facility where instructors will teach students about bow hunting, game cleaning and BB gun shooting.

The main archery range is located outside with archers shooting from under a shade pavilion. There are 14 stations with targets at a variety of distances.

Director of the Outdoor Campus West, Chad Tussing, said he expects construction completed by September.

"It's great. It's going to be so nice out here," Tussing said. "In addition to having the dedicated space for our classes being able to offer the public a free place to safely shoot their bows, whether it's practice or on the walking trail, that's just going to be a great addition for everybody."

The walking trail is another new addition Tussing hopes will give archers a more realistic, practice hunting experience. The path is an ADA accessible course with targets set up twisting around the hills.

Tussing expects the project will cost $1.5 million.

"That money is going to be split between, one, federal tax on manufacture tax on hunting and fishing equipment that comes from the state. Two, license dollars - hunting and fishing licenses - and three private donations," Tussing said.

The project comes as interest in archery continues to explode around Kota Territory.

"There are a couple of reasons and they're kind of funny," Tussing explains. "One is national archery in the schools which is gaining popularity and is huge in South Dakota. Two, as of a few years ago, the Hunger Games books and movies have sparked a lot of interest in archery in archery across the country."